Embroidered Amish Quilt

An embroidered Amish quilt of horses and colts

This quilt is beautifully embroidered.  Twelve blocks are assembled, each with a horse and a colt. Each square is embellished with flowers of different colors. Every bridle is also a different color. The artist hand embroidered every tiny detail in every square. Her very consistent hand quilting includes a twisted rope pattern and a feather garland around the quilt’s borders. Between each square, at the corners of sash work, is a 9-patch square.

Approximate dimensions: 99″ X 112″ – $1,250.00

Handmade Embroidered Amish Quilt Embroidered Amish Quilt Embroidered Amish QuiltEmbroidered Amish Quilt Handmade Embroidered Amish Quilt Pattern