Broken Star Amish Quilt

A Broken Star Amish Quilt in dramatic colors

Another lovely Broken Star quilt by Amish Spirit!  The artist used shades of russet, green and tan to create the star-within-a-star pattern.  Anyone who’s attempted this or a similar star pattern knows exactly how difficult it is to line the angled sides of each diamond shaped piece of fabric to create the Broken Star pattern.  The artist’s piecing is superior in this quilt.  She also contrasts the harder edges of the star patterns with fluid feathered hand quilting.  Look closely and you’ll see that all of the open space of this quilt is filled with tiny, precise hand quilting. She also heavily hand quilted all of the white space in this quilt as well as thick dark brown border.  She unified the open spaces of the quilt creating sash work of the same colors within the star. Lastly, she created a visually interesting, very wide and colorful border of sash-work.

Approximate dimensions: 102″ X 112″ – $1,175.00

 Broken Star Amish Quilt Full View Broken Star Amish Quilt Center View Broken Star Amish Quilt Detail Broken Star Amish Quilt Top ViewBroken Star Amish Quilt Border Detail