Amish Wholecloth Quilt Doves Pattern

An Amish Wholecloth quilt on unbleached muslin

Our Wholecloth Doves quilt is covered from top to bottom and side to side with perfect, even and precisely placed hand quilting. Only the very best quilters can create these truly fantastic Wholecloth quilts and we think this quilt ranks right up there at the top. The artist incorporated very interesting elements when she designed this quilt. The central medallion is comprised of a smaller heart within a larger heart. The larger heart was created using hand quilted garland and this garland is repeated within the overall design to cohesively tie the quilt together. Within the larger garland heart are two doves surrounded by foliage. She hand quilted additional doves at each of the quilt’s corners and again within the quilt’s border. The quilt has a hand bound scalloped edge, is off white in color and made using unbleached muslin.

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 110″- $1,100.00

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