Amish Schoolhouse

A variation on a traditional Amish Schoolhouse quilt.

The artist uses a cloud printed fabric for the “sky” above each Amish schoolhouse. Under each school house she uses grass printed fabric for the “ground” below it. In our Amish Schoolhouse quilt, you have a little bit of the photographic juxtaposed against the school house pattern.  It looks natural.  You do a double take. Then end up intrigued and involved. Each element of each school house is hand quilted. The sash work in between each school house contains a hand quilted rope pattern. The border is heavily hand quilted with a feather pattern. The background color is of a dark blue-black.  There is also a complimentary dark burgundy sash separating the main top portion of the quilt and its sides. 

Approximate dimensions: 98″ X 108″ – $1,075.00SALE PRICE – $950.00

  Amish Schoolhouse Full View Amish Schoolhouse Diagonal Amish Schoolhouse DetailAmish Schoolhouse Diagonal ViewAmish Schoolhouse top detail