Amish Quilt – Flying Martins

Amish Quilt – Flying Martins pattern in black and ivory

Our Amish friends decided to make a new and different quilt. Our Flying Martins quilt is the result. They are so talented and we are truly proud of our association! Flying Martins is a patchwork quilt made entirely, upon close inspection, of triangles. There are more than 800 pieces of fabric that have been pieced together to make this quilt. The results remind us of how swallows in general and Purple Martins in particular are aerial masters to the degree that they hunt and consume insects while in flight. They dart and swoop: they maneuver so adroitly and change directions so suddenly that they seem to flicker in and out of existence. So, this quilt is named after them.

The Artist quilted this textile both traditionally and in the ditch to accentuate shape and movement.

Approximate dimensions: 101″ X 110″ – $1,400.00 

Amish Quilt Flying Martins Top ViewMartins 5 Amish Quilt Flying Martins Detail Amish Quilt Flying Martins Border Detail Amish Quilt Flying Martins Diagonal View