Amish Patchwork Quilt

Amish Patchwork Quilt – a twist on a traditional 9-Patch Quilt pattern

The fabrics and colors chosen for this quilt’s blocks of sixteen patches are warm and soothing: vibrant yet organic. Most interesting is the addition of triangles on all four sides of the sixteen patches, because the quilt is also about the crosses that hold the patchwork squares.  So you get this interplay of two different patterns in the same quilt.

Approximate dimensions: 98″ X 110″ – $1,075.00

Handmade Amish Patchwork Quilt Pattern

Handmade Amish Quilt Amish Patchwork QuiltHandmade Amish Patchwork Quilt Amish Patchwork QuiltAmish Patchwork Quilt Pattern Amish Patchwork Quilt