Amish Lone Star Quilt Pattern – Black

A Lone Star quilt pattern over a black background

This Amish Lone Star quilt pattern is made entirely of solid fabrics. It’s extremely well pieced and hand quilted. The central star of this Lone Star quilt pattern is created by sewing together hundreds of small diamond-shaped pieces of fabric. Looking at the lighter shades of diamonds, you can easily see that every diamond is hand quilted on each of its four sides. (That’s a lot of hand quilting!)  As well, it’s easy to also recognize that the quilting is precise and the stitches tiny. In this particular Lone Star quilt pattern, what also stands out is the beautiful quilting of curling tendrils of fern leaves on black.

Approximate dimensions: 99″ X 110″ – $1,400.00

 Lone Star Amish Quilt Full View Lone Star Amish Quilt Diagonal ViewLone Star Amish Quilt Center Detail

This Amish Lone Star quilt is made up entirely of Michael Miller solid fabrics

Lone Star Amish Quilt Feather Hand Quilting detail

Hand quilting is expansive and done in black thread.

Lone Star Amish Quilt Border Detail

Even the border of this quilt is visually interesting.  The color palette of the central star is repeated.  Just on the border, there are three very different hand quilted patterns