Amish Heirloom Quilt

Amish Heirloom quilt – a museum quality wholecloth quilt

While an Amish Heirloom quilt is an excellent gift for many occasions, initially this pattern was made to be given to someone starting a family of their own. It is prized and kept to be passed on, hence its name. It’s prized because it requires long hours and concentration to make. An Heirloom quilt can only be attempted by the very best quilters. This quilt took many months to make.  We waited more than four months.  In this piece, there are 12 football fields of thread used in the hand quilting of this quilt. 1,200 yards of thread used to hand quilt one quilt! 

Color and pattern have meaning. The color ivory brings success.  The star patterns represent good fortune, harmony and energy.  The number of points in a star is also significant.  Eight points symbolizes abundance and good will.  The scalloped edges mean smooth sailing in life.

Approximate dimensions: 100″ X 112″ – $1,675.00  SOLD – Special Order Only

Amish Heirloom QuiltAmish Heirloom Center Detail Amish Heirloom Bird Detail Amish Heirloom Border Detail Amish Heirloom Hand Binding Detail Amish Heirloom Detail with Dime Amish Heirloom Starflower DetailAmish Heirloom Center Top