Amish Flower Garden Baby Quilt

Amish Flower Garden Baby quilt in unisex colors.

Another amazing baby blanket (or quilt) – an Amish Flower Garden baby quilt. Great unisex colors include green, yellow, blue and pink, all over a white background. Be sure to look at the detail photos.  You will see that this entire quilt is made of sewn-together hexagonal pieces of fabric.  Each hexagon is precisely pieced to create flowers. Every single side of every single hexagon of fabric was hand quilted. Just an ingenious and gorgeous little quilt.

Every baby quilt is different. The photos here represent a sampling of this particular pattern. Your quilt may differ slightly.

Approximate dimensions: 51″ X 37″ – $250.00

We also carry this quilt pattern in a larger adult-sized quilt.  This time, the Flower Garden pattern is of rich jewel tone patterned fabrics.

Amish Flower Garden Infant Quilt Top View

Amish Infant Quilt Flower Garden Pattern Detail Amish Infant Quilt Flower Garden Pattern Corner Detail Amish Infant Quilt Flower Garden Pattern Full View