Amish Applique Quilt – Country Roses

An Amish Applique quilt of jewel toned country roses

One of our most beautiful Amish applique quilts is of freehand cut roses and leaves in deep burgundy, rose and green. There is an incredible amount of work in this quilt. The central medallion of this quilt is a wreath of appliqued hearts and roses which are arranged in the shape of a heart. Above this central wreath floats another appliqued element – a ribbon tied into two hearts. Look at the work in just this one quilt!  There follows a vine of appliqued rose buds. In all four corners of the quit, roses and a heart.  More bouquets and ribbons, all surrounded by more rose buds. The hand quilting is varied and expansive.  We see braids, wreaths, linear patterns and waves. What we all seem to like best are the colors of the freehand cut appliques that make up the overall pattern of this quilt.  Truly, a great example of Amish applique art.

Approximate dimensions: 98″ X 110″ – $1,250.00

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